Denkigai And Comiket86 Loots

16 08 2014

Before you ask, lots of impulse buys, wallet 大破.


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2013 KOTYe (Niconico Video)

6 04 2014

Kresnik shared this gem today, thought I’d go through it as I watch!

What is this? It’s Kusoge of the Year, Eroge Ver.! People on certain message boards come together and put forth entries of what they think is a bad game.

A big disclaimer: Kusoge of the Year are done by entry, not voted on! Just because it is in the video doesn’t mean it is a kusoge (by majority). The movie wishes people to acknowledge the fact, and fine-prints “games may be more fun than they appear in the mirror”.

(Side note: wasn’t able to get the game reference, but I think the characters racing are: Kaori from SEX Sensou and Rio from Hip Movement Game -> Nobunaga from sengokuhime3 onwards.)


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Sengoku Koihime Review

15 01 2014

While everyone is busy with Kan Colle, the one who keeps his eye on the true ingenuity – Edgard Colle – remains to be only your writer, warum.


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Ideal Eroge Harem v.2013

2 01 2014

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good holiday and enjoyed the time of the year! I know I cherished a little too much (my wallet have seen better days) but I have no regrets.

Today, I would like to try to fulfill the request for Thinkerbee, the bro that gave a sign of life to this blog. It’s been three years since the last list was made, and if I were to construct an “Ideal Eroge Harem” again it would just be a restitution of the former list (in fear of what my harem members would do..). So I’ve made a point to limit the selection to only those eroge heroines in 2013, and made it version 2013! Hopefully this will spread a bit of eroge love!

(Image dump ahead!)

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Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement Impressions

25 11 2013


Title 願いの欠片と白銀の契約者
Company propeller
Scenario 山下卓、ワダヒトミ、ハイボリューム
Artist マニャ子, 暁杯あきら(Mima design)
Music TOMOKI x

Managed to finish the 2nd release in the all-age series by propeller, this time in a totally different art style starring a female protagonist? It’s a brand new experience for my inner propeller fan-thusiasm, I just hope nothing within me awakes this time.

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Aggregate Reviews

16 10 2013

Just clearing off some blog backlogs. Sorry about the hiatus. Will still sporadically spout nonsense.

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What the heck is Natsukumo Yururu?

16 06 2013

I wont lie, I didn’t pay much attention to Natsukumo Yururu at first. I don’t know much about the company, Sumikko-soft. At best I’ve heard nice things about their previous work Harumade, Kururu, but I’ve yet to try it out for myself.

What first drew me into Natsukumo Yururu is its insane web 4koma,

You start out with the imouto of the group consulting her best friend. Her problem is that she has ran out of Onii-chan leftover bath water to mix her orange and melon powder Kool-aid. The next webcomic has Shiho (the scope girl) suddenly fall over in school, only to reveal that she has a strong carnal desire to be touched. The 下ネタ is in full power in this webcomic, and what’s more is that these are continuing as running jokes each week… (More can be found here)

Except the craziness doesn’t stop there. Just recently they’ve released a trial of sort (their actual game’s trial has already been released some time ago), and this is what was inside:

A 16-bit style murder where the corpse talks adventure detective game? なんでやねん!Σ(°Д°;

Can’t tell what will happen when the game comes out but for one thing, I know I’ll be looking forward to having my day absolutely be brimmed with laughter when it does.

Illustration by Sayori of NEKO WORKs doujin group. You can find her website here:


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