Unmei Senjou no Phi Review

14 11 2014

unmei title

Welp I guess the jig is up. It’s me M3rry and I’m filling in for warum while he’s off doing busy things in real life. No doubt he’s out there partying and drowning in the juices of the female nether regions while I’m holding the fort. But it’s okay because I’ll stick around for the mass number of loyal tomato conspiracy readers who still believe….in the dream…..or something. Let’s move on to the review!

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Beat Angel Escalayer Review

23 10 2014

This doesn’t show it but I completed 59% of the CG’s. I’m such a playah.

Hey yo, it’s Mr. Mysterywarumherp here and once again it’s up to me to keep this sinking ship afloat with SOME sort of update and what better way to do it than writing about pr0n? It is truly what this blog needs and I’m here to bring the ero-oasis in this barren wasteland. Or I would if wordpress wasn’t so stingy with its decency rules. BAH!

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Bring Me Back to Life

2 10 2014

In an attempt to revitalize this stinking carcass of a blog, I went back to the dark side to deliver some wit and depth to the unenlightened masses. Thanks to heavy downtime and idle hands, prepare yourselves for the new golden age of ero-blogging!

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Denkigai And Comiket86 Loots

16 08 2014

Before you ask, lots of impulse buys, wallet 大破.


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2013 KOTYe (Niconico Video)

6 04 2014


Kresnik shared this gem today, thought I’d go through it as I watch!

What is this? It’s Kusoge of the Year, Eroge Ver.! People on certain message boards come together and put forth entries of what they think is a bad game.

A big disclaimer: Kusoge of the Year are done by entry, not voted on! Just because it is in the video doesn’t mean it is a kusoge (by majority). The movie wishes people to acknowledge the fact, and fine-prints “games may be more fun than they appear in the mirror”.

(Side note: wasn’t able to get the game reference, but I think the characters racing are: Kaori from SEX Sensou and Rio from Hip Movement Game -> Nobunaga from sengokuhime3 onwards.)


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Sengoku Koihime Review

15 01 2014

While everyone is busy with Kan Colle, the one who keeps his eye on the true ingenuity – Edgard Colle – remains to be only your writer, warum.


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Ideal Eroge Harem v.2013

2 01 2014

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good holiday and enjoyed the time of the year! I know I cherished a little too much (my wallet have seen better days) but I have no regrets.

Today, I would like to try to fulfill the request for Thinkerbee, the bro that gave a sign of life to this blog. It’s been three years since the last list was made, and if I were to construct an “Ideal Eroge Harem” again it would just be a restitution of the former list (in fear of what my harem members would do..). So I’ve made a point to limit the selection to only those eroge heroines in 2013, and made it version 2013! Hopefully this will spread a bit of eroge love!

(Image dump ahead!)

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