Granblue for Beginners

I get asked sometimes, “I just started Granblue Fantasy, what do I do?”. So I decided to write a small guide to save some trouble.

Like with any mobages, the first help to seek is always from the community –4chan. Find the current thread on /vg/ and read their guides. It’s just for the start, trust me.

I’d recommend An Idiot’s Guide to Granblue. If nothing but for the “Basics – Elements” section, to grasp the power balance between elements before choosing one to set as your main element. (But the whole piece is very informative, you should read it once you start to understand the game abit more).

How Power Works

Ok, so, What do you do? Well, the goal is to get stronger. To get stronger, you need to know how “Power” works in Granblue.


Power comes from 3 sources: Your weapon pool, your summon pool, and your character’s base stats.

Character base stats come from levelling. It’s a small portion of your power.


Your weapon pool will be the majority of where your power comes from. The weapon is “shared” with all your characters and is not “equipped” to any (except for the main weapon, equipped to the main character).


Your summon pool works similarly to the weapon pool. All summons in the summon pool gives you power. But only the “leader” will activate its “aura”. Summons are also usable in battle, “call”, under the condition your main character is not dead.


(Side note: summons have their “call” turns reduced if they are the same element as the main character)

Those are the 3 sources which contribute to your PWR. Ofcourse, there are more complications to the number, but think of those as your “raw number”, which are then multiplied by % by

  1. Summon Auras
  2. Weapon Skills

Things to do at the start

Clear Story up to Chapter 14 – You unlock your second to last crew member (free SR, the last one being in chapter 44) and you unlock the casino…

Run Angel Halo – Angel Halo is a dungeon which drops both weapon material and treasure material…alot of them. As a beginner, this should be your go-to for anything material.

On the official Granblue twitter, each day there are 3 times which Angel Halo opens for an hour each. The *’d one is the boosted one, which drops the most loot, which you should aim for.

Leech Raids – Use your BPs. As someone once said, “I didn’t choose the leech life, the leech life chose me.” Doing anything that contributes “Honor” will net you loots after battle. So get in those omega raids and cross your fingers for something nice.

Everyone’s got to start somewhere. Just help out when you become stronger.(Spoiler: some people still leech past rank 100).

Casino – Casino is the fast track to becoming stronger…if you are lucky. But even if you aren’t in a hurry, there are merits to doing casino for both beginners and experts.

In short, you can exchange chips for half elixers, seeds, and magna animas.

Once you build up a team

Do Island Hard Modes – Ch4 Tiamat, Ch8 Collosus…basically each island on the world map will have a “Hard Mode boss”. Defeat them everyday up to the daily limit. They will drop SR weapons, keep the ones which boost ATK (usually with the skill Something’s might).

Do Co-op missions – Host your own room, and finish the daily mission. Getting both Mission Points (which can be exchanged for stuff) and Blue Crystals (used later in various places).

I usually name my room something like “N3 3回”. N for normal (H = hard, Ex = extra), stage 3, 3 times(回).

Last part, Your Profile

If you care about getting friends, you should set support summons.

Menu -> Profile

Scroll down abit till you see


It’s courtesy to set summons so your friend can use them. Hopefully you have one other than bahamut.


Shao gaiden 0

In its brilliant history, there were five once-in-a-decade-prodigies in era…the Generation of Miracles.

Kant Bara

Etheris Eltnam Light


Asu Kool


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