Ideal Eroge Harem v.2013

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good holiday and enjoyed the time of the year! I know I cherished a little too much (my wallet have seen better days) but I have no regrets.

Today, I would like to try to fulfill the request for Thinkerbee, the bro that gave a sign of life to this blog. It’s been three years since the last list was made, and if I were to construct an “Ideal Eroge Harem” again it would just be a restitution of the former list (in fear of what my harem members would do..). So I’ve made a point to limit the selection to only those eroge heroines in 2013, and made it version 2013! Hopefully this will spread a bit of eroge love!

(Image dump ahead!)


-Harem size is up to six eight bishoujos. and one household meido.

-Only one bishoujo in an eroge unless she is a twin.

-Eroges with their own anime adaptions are not allowed.

-Each bishoujo must have it’s own individual seiyuu.

The harem list is in no particular ranking/order.

Sakurakouji Luna (Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen -Ecole de Paris- ) CV: 卯衣


Luna is the Empress of all ojousamas, a super ojousama who design clothes for a profession (to be). Always calm, collected, and prideful she acts “fitting of those who leads” despite her petite stature, yet she wont hesitate to apologize for mistakes made on her side and pays due respect to those that earns it.


Luna’s best characteristics can be summed up in three points: She’s cool, she’s cute and she’s kind. She’s cool in that she sets out on a determined goal in life, not afraid of anything, and lives proudly. She’s cute, not just physical appearance wise but also her non-straightforward way of expressing herself, her dislikes of certain food (like peas) but succumbing to Asahi’s cooking of them and just many small things that reminds you that despite being the top designer of the world she is just a young girl. As for kindness, it really is the core theme of TsuriOto (and by extension OtomeRiron) of how a bit of warmth can carry a long way in this cruel world, so for sure you can say her heart is as wide as the sun (or moon in this case!)


I have to say I enjoy her banters with Resona the most, where I feel she is the most lively and retains her casual side.

Poor Resona… (but that’s why I love her too w.)

Sakuraba Tamamo (Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai) CV: 橘桜


After much debate I decided to go with Sakuraba Tamamo for Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai It was a really close toss up between Kanasuke..there’s just so many good characters in this eroge!

Tamamo (or as nickname goes, TamaTama or Hime) is your diligent girl who is all about the serious businesses. The central pillar to managing the library club, she strives on supporting Tsugumi’s ambitious visions from the backstage. She has habit of snapping a fan when she thinks of something, and despite being the sole conscience of the library club is fairly vulnerable to the flow of the library club…often doing incredibly (cute) out of character acts that she gets flustered over with afterwards. And often doing incredibly cute acts that she gets flustered over with afterwards!! 大事なことなので.

Tamamo is said to be fairly tall (at 161.7cm, tallest of the female crew), and Kakei has commented in his monologue numerous times that from the back Tamamo is “undoubtedly a beauty”. I couldn’t agree more with that slender back and them legs! Complementing her physique is her luxuriant ponytail, which can kill all nine lives of Giza-sama when is let down to a natural straightened style. There’s also the Tamamo-Connection, where she cosplays as Tamamo from Fate Extra. (fetish rant end)


But more than just physical appearances, Tamamo feels like a damsel in distress with hints of her overworking constantly and not getting any breaks. It’s a story we’ve been familiar all too often: the overachiever shouldering family expectations who struggles to keep everything in balance. Her route brings her much needed justicedevelopment: Kakei sharing the workload and making her realize that she needn’t do everything by herself, that it is okay to rely on others. Giving her a cute hobby, where she tries to hide as a secret. And that deredere honeymoon sweetness! It’s one of the few times you’ll see me giggle creepily in front of the monitor! Oh the gap moe is too strong in Tamamo. TAMAMOOOOOO.


Definitely looking forward to the FD coming 2014!


My third pick goes to Ehawase Satsuki, the “Only Lonely Queen” of Sensuibu!

Ehawase Satsuki (Sensuibu!) CV:赤司弓妃


Being the kouhai of our protagonist, she was the one that always watched him closely, giving “Ukifune Riku” the crucial support at timely moments in the water sport of Sensui. However, ever since the legend disappeared after winning the junior championships, she has taken up a stance of taking charge: converting from her usual team play support to a center carry role. She is the Ace and captain for Kouka Gakuen, the number one seed for West Japan Sensui Nationals, and feuds a strong rivalry for Team Protagonist.


Despite Satsuki being a rival character, she stole the show for me when I found out that her change in stance was all because of love. You see, the protagonist left Sensui because he was too ignorant to find out that Sensui was an all-female sport and become to angsty to tell his team before he left. Satsuki had to take the burden to hold the team together, and she does it in a way where she wants to find out why he left by following his footsteps.


Not only that, but when she finds the new protagonist, she can’t help but feel the old attraction…unknowingly. Helping a rival school develop their Ace player, giving friendly practice matches, and becomes bashful about it when she receives acknowledgment…HNNGH. The devotion and dedication is the most maiden-like act I’ve seen in awhile.

Gameplay-wise, she’s also a very tough opponent, with an scripted event where you are meant to lose (Needless to say I reloaded endless attempts trying, which maybe part of the obsession). But despite being prideful, she’s fair to her audience.


So yeah, the character poll does not lie. Pray to the Escu;de…PLEASE MAKE SATSUKI ROUTE WHERE SHE IS NO LONGER LONELY-ONLY IN THE FD ;___;.

Hasuno Saki (Hapymaher) CV:青山ゆかり


Usually I tend to not go for imoutos, for reasons of having harmony and balance in the world, but Saki is a “self-claimed” imouto osananajimi, so I’m technically safe from disturbing the YinYang.

To be honest this was another dilemma. Between the mysterious energetic Alice, a very amiable scientist senpai, a devious imouto, and a cold but fiesty Aoba Ringo character, I was torn. But in the end Saki triumphed for being the overall most supportive character to Tohru. It’s really the small things like coming in every morning to wake one up, walking to school, and being understanding to the protagonist.


Ofcourse, I don’t mind the osananajimi asserting some aggression into the fray! Whether she plays it intentionally or naturally, her advances on Tohru are very daring…enough to warrant a bodyguard from Hasuno’s to keep an eye on Tohru and herself. She’s since been more moderate in her invasions, only for Tohru to realize the calls from Saki are getting more frequent..?


In truth, the self proclamation of becoming Tohru’s imouto is part of Saki’s self-redemption in a very warped three-way relationship between Tohru, Maia, and Saki. The price of being able to keep Tohru to herself is bearing the shadow of the lingering imouto that still haunts Tohru; it was Saki who held Tohru from joining Maia following the tragic that happened in the past.


Aoyama Yukari has the perfect kuudere voice that plays Saki’s stance of interchanging between “I’m not intruding, your house is also my territory” and “Nii-san, another woman?” and “Ok Nii-san, I’ll wait for you for however long”.

And plus she looks great in miko(?)/wafuu styled clothes! N-not that I judge by clothes or ribbon-ears or anything!


Even though I know the FD is all going to be a dream, can’t wait for more of this type of Hapy but scary nightMaher!

Shimazu Aki (Reminiscence) CV: 鮎川ひな


On the note of slightly-have-more-need-to-be-involved-with-cared-ones, Shimazu Aki from Reminiscence has my vote of largest degree turnaround dere for the year. It’s not unnatural if it happens with an imouto!

Reminiscence starts off with the peculiar relationship of Aki seemingly always in quarrel with Hidetaka, with her actually hating on him (You get the glorious look of disapproval each time Hidetaka groups with her) every chance she gets. The exchange definitely felt unnatural as Hidetaka uses unnecessary harsh expressions to fight back, and Accel, the conscience of Shimizu residence, doesn’t put a stop to the unending rivalry. It is revealed that Aki’s will to survive on her frail body has been solely established on the hatred for Hidetaka since losing her family and house in childhood.

Ofcourse, in her route she finds out all that Hidetaka has been doing for her: saving money for her cold sleep treatment, hiding the truth despite getting hurt himself. And she explodes in dere and jumps on Hidetaka. (This is the one time I feel where piling up H-scenes and having them in one go is appropriate for the story). Perhaps a little too much as she seems to possess murderous thoughts if Hidetaka cheats on her?!


It’s not all the time I find myself liking a yandere. Sure, you can say their possessiveness is part of caring, and that some might even find it sweet. But usually when I think of Yandere I think of heads in a bag on a boat. So it is quite a surprise even to me how much I ended up liking Aki. Her dere really was quite destructive.


I just hope I haven’t awakened things best left within me.

Lilium Maccabarn (Pastel Chime 3 Bind Seeker) CV: 民安ともえ


When asked what was the motif for the character design was, the designer just answered “small”. Sporting a rocker suit with a tie and a giant spoon with a magical slime in it, Lilium is the self-proclaimed grand magus who is in charge of sealing magical incantations called “Bind” from the world. Due to unforeseen circumstances, in order to save the protagonist, she shared the curse of bind and reverted back to youth with our protagonist Kaitos. Her mission now is to collect all the binds and redo the sealing ritual again.


A wise man once said, “Small things are justice,” and in the case of Lilium it couldn’t be more right. She’s been locked away from civilization for so long that everything in the world is an eye-opener for her. Her only contact with humanity was with an old television, of which she liked hero shows (think Sentai) the most.



The energy Tamiyasu Tomoe does with Lilium brings out all the colourful expressions: at times the curious naive restless child, at times the prominent  dependable grand magus leader of the adventure club, and at times just the vulnerable elf girl who wonders if she lived up to her father’s expectation. All of these make for an incredibly interesting and fun character to be with.


Musashibou Benkei (Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A)  CV:本山美奈


Reborn via the technology of Kuki Conglomerate, Benkei is part of the clone project to spice up the spirit in Kawakami city. As per history, she serves her lord Yoshitsune and her strength boundless…the only inaccuracy seems to be Benkei has never been more lethargic!


Part of the founders of the “Lazy club” where all you do as activity is to laze around, she proudly gets fed chikuwas every meeting by Yamato and eventually succumbs to his petting tactics.


Her hobby is to drink Kawakami water (non-alcoholic!) and she can sleep while standing.

So is it that I like sloth balls? Nay, it is the aspect of having an onee-san character behaving so vulnerably that makes all this part of her charm! The tousled hair, and dishevelled clothes invites unknowing preys but you don’t know what lies under that smile! It’s a thin line of paradise and hell, and Benkei plays her cards like a master poker player.


That said, Benkei’s devotion towards Yoshitsune is also something quite admirable. It is the gap between her serious mode and relaxed mode that makes her such a fun character to be with.


My favourite moments are when Benkei goes BEN-KEI, where she works as a bartender in a suit; it really shows how dependable she can be and you can just rant all your worries away to the suit. So cool!

The Meidos.

This was a hard one to do as my limited playing of eroges really didn’t leave me with much to choose from. Where I would give Asahi from OtomeRiron my vote if not for the rule of only one bishoujo from a game, I eventually settled for these two choices:

Shirayuki (Gleam Garden no Shoujo -witch in gleamgarden-) CV:藤咲ウサ


Shirayuki from witch in gleamgarden is a meido in spirit. Stoic in nature, but never to let go of a chance to fire shots at Touji, Shirayuki masterfully lives by the jitome.

While she doesn’t have an actual meido title, her “helper” status in the garden encompasses all that a meido would usually do such as cleaning, medical treatments, and supportlecture their masters. Shirayuki does especially well with the last duty and goes the extra mile to tease Touji for his ero-ness.


But when there is need for support, you can always count on Shirayuki to be there. Said to be the busiest person in the garden during the festival, you only get to see her on and off ever so briefly until her route. Not to mention her uniform is somewhat resembles meido-fuku.


All in all a good support character.

Gertrude (Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da! 2 ~Kondo wa Seisen da!~)  CV:三河絵留


Likely a more minor title due to the game nature of being a nukige, but Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da! 2 has some pretty fun comedy with good art (imo).

(Ger)Trude is the angel serving the conservative leader of heaven Margrette, who with her sister Bridgett came down to earth to thank Kuranosuke for preventing an all out war between the forces of Hell and Heaven with his wizardry (you know the myth of thirty year olds cough..).


Trude is supposedly here to thank and serve Kuranosuke as a “meido”, but her tongue turns from polite to sharp whenever Kuranosuke converses with her, perhaps due to their unfortunate first encounter…


あざとい! A term which tends to refer to obvious pandering acts or appearances made to lure in innocentperverted fans. Trude definitely is the Shimakaze for me in Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da! 2: twin pigtailed, well-endowed devious angel. If you manage to choose her events you’ll find that she is very competitive, and doesn’t care for the means if it justifies the end. Add in her condescending tone with jitome and you have a very strict servant that keeps you to your tasks!

Aaand that’s it for my ideal harem!


It’s been fun.